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Keeping our bodies free from harmful chemicals is impossible in today's world.  With every step we take, we breathe in toxic off-gases from plastics, exhaust, not to mention the thousands of chemicals floating around in our household products that we rely on the keep our homes and bodies clean. Many people have joined the GOING GREEN movement and removing many toxic chemicals from their homes.  But is vinegar and baking soda enough to restore the damage that's already been caused to our bodies?  What choices do we REALLY have? Have we gotten swept up in buying "Green" labelled products only to find out, after the fact, it was poison meant to look like an environmentally conscious choice through "green-washing"? Keep your chin up, because THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO!  

The Essential Solution

Young Living has worked endlessly on providing us with top quality, essential oil enhanced essential living line to help us with our day-to-day struggles of keeping our homes and bodies in tip-top shape. Young Living is commited to being a Full-Disclosure company, and that means you will find ALL of the ingredients listed on the labels.  Many companies hide behind labelling laws that allow amounts of toxic substances into the products, without disclosure.  Other companies can claim "proprietary blend", to keep you from knowing what's hidden in the ingredients that they do not want you to know. Young Living is based on integrity and quality control from the essential oils, to the household cleaners, to toothpastes, and beauty products.  Each of our products' ingredients are carefully selected to not only be the highest quality, but that they create a syngergistic effect in the bottle and on your skin.  

If it's dangerous to eat, why would you absorb it into your skin?

                                           Thieves Product Line


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