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Young Living - Steps to Abundance

Young Living has a very generous compensation plan with various ways to get paid. Sharing this opportunity will pay you back in consistent income when you put the effort behind it. The optimal way to both build your sustainable continuous flow of income is to follow the team performance bonus structure, shown below. 


Building a Foundation

Young Living’s compensation plan is designed to help you achieve abundance.  The Rising Star Team Bonus is the blueprint you need to build a solid foundation that will lead you to success.


Step ONE

  • Place your Essential Rewards order of 100PV or more.
  • Obtain 3 legs of 300 OGV each (Organizational Group Volume).
  • Have your three front-line team each invest in an Essential Rewards order of 100PV or more.
  • Receive a 1 share EVERY MONTH that all parts are completed.


Step TWO

  • Complete Step ONE (Receive 1 Share).
  • Work with and help TWO additional front-line qualified team members (placing 100PV Essential Rewards order).
  • Have 3 legs of 300 OGV; and 2 legs of 500 OGV.
  • Receive an additional 2 shares; 3 shares total EVERY MONTH that all parts are completed.


  • Qualify and complete Step TWO (receiving 3 shares).
  • Continue to work with an additional TWO front-line qualified team members to achieve 1,000 OGV in volume.
  • These TWO Members are working and helping TWO of their first level team to achieve the $100 Bonus.
  • Receive an additional 3 shares, for a total of 6 shares EVERY MONTH that all steps are complete.



  • Continue to work with your 7 Front-line members to build organizations and duplicate, increasing volume to qualify for additional ranks.
 "The provided information is for the United States Market. For information about this product in your country please reference your markets product guide.”



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